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✅   Dry, Decarboxylate, Infuse 

✅   Smell Control

✅   Easily Dispensing

✅   Make Small or Large Batches

✅   Temperature Precision

    Easy Cleanup

"...Super easy to use and helps me prepare medicinal foods quickly."



The LEVO II is the award-winning kitchen appliance for easily preparing herbal infused oil, butter, honey and glycerine at home, without the time or mess of traditional methods.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a warranty?

Yes! Every LEVO II comes with a no questions asked 100-day risk-free trial.

Is the “dry and activate” function the same as decarboxylating?

The Activate setting, yes. The Dry setting is recommended with herbs like Rosemary, Lavender and Thyme to reduce moisture before infusing, or storing for later use.

Does the decarboxylating smell?

The LEVO's airtight seal helps to contain the smell of whatever herbs you're using. With the lid closed the smell is hardly noticeable, but when the lid is opened it will release the aroma a bit. Compared to using an oven to decarb, the Activate cycle on the LEVO II produces much less odor.

If you already have an herb or spice that's in a fine and dry powder form, how well can it extract the flavor and infuse it in oil/butter/honey/etc.?

Ingredients like powdered spices, that are smaller than a grain of sand, will escape the holes in the herb pod and just dissolve into the infusion. We recommend using whole herbs and spices with the LEVO. For example, using whole cinnamon sticks or fresh ginger instead of ground cinnamon or ground ginger.

How many watts?

250 Watts / 110V / 60HZ

How long does shipping take?

Orders typically process and ship out within 24 hours. We provide free shipping and free returns with FedEx Ground (1-7 Business Days) for all LEVO II orders.


Best kitchen appliance ever
I love the look of the unit, goes with my kitchen, so easy to clean and only take a minute or two! App is pretty cool since I’m alway on my iPhone! I like to see the app updated with recommended time, not just the temperature? My wife has this thing for smells and she doesn’t say anything about it! I am very happy that I brought the Levo 2 instead of a different decarb machine! Levo 2 is definitely worth the extra bucks compare to them other toaster operating machine!

Ron Hall B.

2 days ago

Everything you wanted and more
If you ever struggled through the mess of making infusions of any kind wether with herbs or more, then you know the pain and mess of it all. This is so ridiculously easy to use and easy to clean that I can't believe I didn't buy it sooner. If you make infusions, if you make edibles, if you do anything that would require a device like this....then you won't find a better device or brand. I absolutely love this device. I use it about 3-4x a month currently and haven't encountered any problems what so ever. The infusion is more pure and really takes it to the next level vs. using cheese cloth. Anyone want to buy the rest of my cheese cloth??? If you are debating on getting it...just get it.

Taylor P.

4 days ago

I’ve purchased two. Love them.
Found the LEVO while doing a Google search on “infused oil”, and so happy I did. Very simple to use, and very easy cleanup. Attractive, if you wish to store it on your kitchen countertop, looks like a small coffeemaker. Purchased one as a gift, the recipients love theirs also. We have been using it to infuse high CBD flower in avocado oil. Great for my wife’s arthritic hands, and everyday aches and pains that go with our aging. We’re all in our late ‘60’s. No one in the dispensaries we purchase from have heard of it. It certainly makes the product we purchase from the dispensary go a long way, giving us the most for our money.

Kevin J.

5 days ago

How it Works

About Us

Founder & CEO Chrissy Bellman had her “lightbulb” moment in 2011, watching a group of friends struggle to infuse in a small dorm room. It left the kitchen a complete mess and took the better part of an entire day. For such a simple task, it was quite the ordeal; there had to be a better way.

Chrissy bootstrapped the engineering and development of LEVO for nearly 5 years during moonlight hours, after full days behind a desk at Fortune 500 companies. In Fall 2016, she took the leap, assembled a team, and introduced LEVO to the world through our own pre-order campaign. Today, LEVO’s close-knit team has a home base in Denver, Colorado and can be found in over 800 retail locations.